Payment Policy

Payment Policy

Policy Overview

BPline Containers will offer shipping services to private individuals and/or companies that need container(s) to transport their goods in different locations of their choice as long as they meet the requirements stated by the company. This policy describes the accepted payment methods and guides our esteemed customers in understanding the processes integrated in our systems, ensuring their satisfaction as they choose to ship with us.

Important Notice

We have introduced the Automated Payment Processing System (APPS) to improve the experience of our private professional clients and company clients. The method fastens the payment processes and issuance of tracking numbers for the confirmed orders, which has seen us offer timely services to our clients.

Accepted Payment Method.

  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards/Debit Cards
  • Bank Wire/ACH Transfer.

We assure you that the above payment methods are secure and accepted payment methods in all our delivery yards at specific viewing dates.

Payment Process

  • All Payments are processed securely through our dedicated payment processing system.
  • All payment are made through our website or via a secured invoice receive from our invoice and sales department.
  • Payments are accepted prior to confirmation of your order to initiate preparation of your shipping container for delivery.
  • Once Payment is made your order will be automatically confirmed and you will receive a confirmation email
  • 24hrs after your order is confirmed you will receive an email with a delivery tracking number for you to track and trace your delivery.
  • Once Payment is made and the tracking number is issued, you will not be able to cancel your order till it is delivered. Please read our return and refunds policy to understand this.

Also note that;

  • We do not accept PAYMENT ON DELIVERY.
  • We do not accept payment via Cashier’s Check or any form of check.