Shipping Container Modifications

Are you seeking to modify your shipping container to suit your specific needs? You are certainly in the right place!
BP Line containers are rate specialist, specialized in professional creativity to create and modify any shipping container. Our team of skilled and experienced technicians and container expert customize containers to fit to your need. In relation with our customers, we have developed many new products and applications for specific use of a standard shipping container.

A different color, design or function? For every wish we have a container. We live up to this promise with our realized modification projects. Get inspired by the projects below.

Modified 40ft Shipping Container

Here is a modified 40ft container for one of our clients and built in an electrical installation.
This is how:

  • Shorten the container to 8 meters.
  • Insulate the container with 50 mm panels with a polystyrene core (EPS).
  • Place a steel T-profile between the roof panels and welded to the top rails of the container to be able so suspend thick cables.
  • Lay a rubber floor in the control room.
  • Create dividing walls made from panels.
Modified 20ft Shipping Container

This 20ft container has been converted into a workshop and site office container with a facade. We made the following adjustments to the container:

  • Added a wall and insulated it with 50 mm EPS panels to create a shelf area.
  • Built a facade behind the original container doors and also equipped the container with a wicket door, a window and air conditioning.
  • Created a workplace section according to the customer’s specifications.
  • Provided electricity outlets.
  • Covered the exterior of the container in a high-quality paint coating.
Highly Skilled Professional Container Experts

We have over 15 highly skilled container experts in any type of modification as well as installation nationwide. 

Here are some benefit you benefit when you buy from us.

  • We deliver your shipping container with two container expects for perfect installation.
  • When we receive your modification project, we make sure we undetrstand what you want to be able to meet your need.
  • We are very time sensitive so we never disappoint.

40ft Package

$3,550 / Delivered
  • 40ft S/Container 
  • Single Trip Container
  • Delivery & Handling
  • Unavailable
  • Unavailable

20ft Package

$2,550 / Delivered
  • 20ft S/Container
  • Single Trip Container
  • Delivery & Handling
  • Fast Delivery
  • Unavailable