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We provide fast delivery services and professional handling of each container for delivery. We prepare and process your unit(s) and we delivery with 2-3days.


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    We have over 12 skill container experts and IT specialist for modification of containers and real time delivery tracking.

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    Our skilled and professional container experts are always available at your service.

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    Our IT specialist provides fast payment verification and real time delivery tracking.

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    This is one option we offer to our customers both private professionals and companies who are interested in buying on the go.


    40ft Package

    $3,550 / Delivered
    • 40ft S/Container 
    • Single Trip Container
    • Delivery & Handling
    • Unavailable
    • Unavailable

    20ft Package

    $2,550 / Delivered
    • 20ft S/Container
    • Single Trip Container
    • Delivery & Handling
    • Fast Delivery
    • Unavailable
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    These frequently asked questions are from our customers both Private Professionals and Companies.

    Here is where we put your need first and not impose a container on you. The right shipping container depends on what you need the container for; there are different size, length, weight, of different units which is why you need to get the right space and right unit to match your space and needs. For general storage, all you’ll need is a general purpose container, but if you have chilled goods, you may need a refrigerated container. There are many other options, including modifications.

    Once your order is confirmed our systems generate a real time tracking number for you to track preparations and delivery status of your container

    Yes. Visit our Return and Refund Policy for more information

    Yes. Due to high demand of our clients and customers we only have scheduled viewing dates, make sure you subscribe to our newsletters for updates. 

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